Madison County Historic Preservation Commission

The Madison County Historic Preservation Commission, (MCHPC) is a seven-member commission appointed by the supervisors and operating in accordance with the Secretary of Interior guidelines, in order to foster the care of historically significant sites by providing education, training and technical services to the citizens of Madison County.

Board Members

  • Brenda Hollingsworth, Chair
  • Molly Clause, Vice Chair
  • Linda Smith, Secretary
  • Commissioners: Dave Braga, Kirk Freeman, Steve Reed, Rick Seely
  • Ex-Officio Members: Heather Riley, Tom Leners, Roslea Johnson, Beth Gray

photo - sprinkle - window hoods with womens' facesCertified Local Government

The National Historic Preservation Act established a nationwide program to encourage preservation and wise use of our historic resources. Among other things the Act established the National Register of Historic Places, created State Historic Preservation Officers, and created the Certified Local Government Program to support local governments’ historic preservation programs.

The CLG Program’s Purpose and Objectives

  • Promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public through the recognition, enhancement, and perpetuation of sites and districts of historical and cultural significance;
  • Safeguard the County’s historic, aesthetic, and cultural heritage by preserving sites and districts of historic and cultural significance;
  • Stabilize and improve property values;
  • Foster pride in the legacy of beauty and achievements of the past;
  • Protect and enhance the County’s attractions to tourists and visitors and the support and stimulus to business thereby provided;
  • Strengthen the economy of the County;
  • Promote the use of landmarks and districts of historic and cultural significance as places for the education, enjoyment, and welfare of the people of the County.

Madison County’s Certified Local Government Beginnings

Certified Local Governments (CLGs) can be affiliated with either City government or County government. In 1989 a group of local citizens formed a County CLG that later became inactive. Twenty years later (2009) a group of citizens worked with the County Supervisors to reinstate the Certified Local Government, known locally as Madison County Historic Preservation Commission (MCHPC). Since that time the commission has been actively laying the groundwork for several projects. These are detailed on the pages of this site, with future projects here.