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The Madison County Historic Preservation Commission exists to encourage historic preservation throughout Madison County, Iowa, by providing information, education, and technical assistance to individuals, businesses, and locations. We also take a leadership role in specific projects such as the National Historic Register nomination for the Winterset Courthouse Square and the county-wide investigation of Underground Railroad activities. Learn more about what we can do to assist you in your preservation projects and learn more about Madison County history by wandering through the information we have provided here.

Walk Forever Free in Madison County

As teacher Barry Jurgensen completes his 500-mile Walk Forever Free project, here is an opportunity to review his time in Madison County on June 8 – 10. Thank you to all those who participated in so many ways. Barry and the students who walked with him were overwhelmed with Madison County interest and hospitality. Visit our Walk Forever Free page for a slideshow.

A Gravestone for Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore traveled through Madison County as a Freedom Seeker during Underground Railroad days and was sheltered at the Matthew McGee farm in Douglas Township before heading farther north. Charlie returned about 1870 to work in Winterset for 50 years until his death in 1920. He is buried in the Winterset Cemetery in what was or became an unmarked grave. Local researchers, with the assistance of the Winterset Cemetery staff, once again located his grave in July, 2015.

Starting on June 28, the date of Charlie’s death, the Madison County Historic Preservation Commission is inviting you to donate toward funding a gravestone for Charlie. Donations will be accepted for 50 days – one for each year Charlie was associated with Winterset – ending in mid-August, 2016. To contribute to his gravestone plus learn about Charlie’s journey to freedom and his life in Winterset, visit A Gravestone for Charlie Moore.

Moore - Charlie location in Winterset Cemetery